My most valuable time savers in business that even saved my ass

Because you are just like me I guess you are feeling the same and you




And luckily it’s Sunday and I hope you make yourself some time to recharge and away from work.

When the reality of the new week is hitting hard tomorrow, I got you covered with some handy tools that are not just time savers, but might even save your beautiful but from burning out 😉

1. Eat the frog first! If you got a hard task do this as the first thing in the morning. After you’ve done it there is a lot of pressure off of your shoulders and you can move on to some more fun things.

2. Write a list of all your to-dos and prioritize them with A for super urgent to C for not time sensitive. And start with the super urgent tasks. 

3. Plan your meals in advance (pre-cook, pre-order or schedule time to prepare it) So you don’t lose time with figuring out what to eat once you are already hungry.

4. Block some extra time every day for unforeseen things or if some tasks take longer than you expected.

5. Turn off your phone! Honestly, this is probably the worst time and productivity killer. No Social Media, no e-mails, no distraction = getting things done in no time.

6. Automate. Outsource. Eliminate. Go through your to-do list and see which of the tasks you could either automate (hello e-mail templates and social media scheduler!) 

Outsource (You can basically outsource everything you can think of: cleaning, grocery shopping, research, editing, designing, coding, all kinds of administration and communication. Check out the Virtual Assistant groups on Facebook!)

Eliminate (Is there something that you really don’t NEED to do and it’s only annoying you? Cut it off. If it isn’t of value, you don’t need it.)

I hope this helps!
Love, Isabel ❤️


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