How to stay sane during Wedding Season

My dear, how is your September going?

Babe, I feel you! ❤️ When Wedding Season is in full swing and autumn is around the corner, it’s the busiest time of the year and I literally don’t know where to start. So here are my five top tips on how to stay sane during wedding season and how to even make time for YOURSELF ❤️
Because self-care is not selfish, it should be your number 1 priority. Because who do you want to help if you are not a help to yourself? You can only give your very best when you are feeling well. 
1. Block time for recharge – if you need to set an alarm for when you leave work and even take breaks, but at least have a certain time you stop working for the day. As I usually start around 8 am, I will finish at 6 pm, just when the hubby is back from work. There will be no work after this as I need the evening to recharge and do some pilates (which leads me to the next point)

2. Move your body. For at least 20min a day go for a walk, a bike ride into town or a light workout. Don’t overdo it when you’re having a stressful time. If you really need to burn off some energy, do that. But make sure it still feels good. 

3. Be patient with yourself. Nobody has non stop energy and is creating stuff 24-7. Do one thing at a time, and work through your list step by step. Make sure you do things right and not just to tick them off. Take the time they need and cut off the things that aren’t really important or super urgent.

4. Stay in contact with others. Don’t isolate yourself during this time until you crawl out of your office grave and you suddenly feel you can breathe again. Take breaks in between, take a half day off, meet some friends, go for drinks and actually socialize. You still got a life and no client does want you to sacrifice this. 

5. Don’t forget to keep it rolling. Time is not stopping just because we are having a busy time right now. Do you wonder how others are doing all this and even finding time to do workshops at the same time? It’s a conscious decision to make yourself a priority and everyone can do it. And if I can do it, you can do it too 👯‍♀️ 

I hope this helps!
Love, Isabel ❤️


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