Let’s be honest!

It’s time, to be honest

I can’t teach you how to MAKE IT. I can’t tell you how to make it, because I didn’t make it either. I didn’t have 100 people signing up for my Mastermind as I envisioned it. I don’t have thousands of people on my list as I wished so hard for it. And although I signed up for Instagram already in 2012 some of my images today don’t even get 100 likes. And this while at the same time I hear influencers moaning about their engagement dropping. And it frustrates them that their content isn’t getting the attention it deserves. I mean, THIS is frustrating, but I guess you are feeling just the same.

And although I am making 100k a year, this is just enough to support myself with an average salary. And even this comes with a price tag too. So I am clearly not an expert in being successful in business, I really can’t show you how to MAKE IT.

But what I CAN teach you is this: how you keep going even after setbacks and failures, how you get back on track in no time to use your energy wisely. How not to quit when everything you want right now is quitting.

Yes, I feel you!

I am not lying to you. I wanted to quit several times too, when people canceled their bookings with me, when I lost friends and business partners to miscommunication and when my husband was diagnosed with cancer the second time. And right at our darkest days, I was blamed to have stolen intellectual property from a former friend and our own wedding photographer. I have been lucky as so many people supported me through these times. I got hundreds of compassionate messages, mostly from people I haven’t even heard of. But the greater luck has been that my husband recovered from cancer after long weeks of treatments and surgeries.

When I talk about what happened back then, people keep saying that this must be the worst case scenario. But to be honest, although it felt like this in this very moment, I made use of the energy that was released from anger and rage. This night I sat down and wrote down the rough plan for my Mentoring Program and even for #fearlessandforward (although at this time I had no idea that this would be the name for this movement.) It was a turning point for me and I got stronger than ever before.

But you know what?

Whenever I wanted to quit I said to myself; No, I didn’t come this far to only come this far. I didn’t keep going when things were rough just to quit now. (Read more about How to get out of your own way HERE) This is not the end of the world and I am not here to quit, but to make a difference. I always just wanted to help others to chase their dreams, to find their own voice in a world of noise. And to help people understand that TOGETHER we can be and do more than just the sum of us.

What I CAN help you with is this; how to maintain a business and to land dream gigs even without 10k followers on Instagram. And even without a huge reputation and even without a small list. You can make use of what you’ve got, start where you are right now. There is no excuse for quitting, or did you come this far to only come this far?

I can’t teach you how to make it, but I can do way more for you

I created the #fearlessandforward Mastermind exactly for dream chasers like you, who simply want to live the life they dream of. No matter what this looks like, no matter what it takes to get there, WE KEEP GOING. Because this is the ONLY secret to success; you do not quit. You keep going, you keep showing up and you keep serving people with whatever you’ve got to give <3 Because the world needs it, the world needs YOU.

Author: Isabel

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