Wishes for Women’s Day


Sisterhood. This is what this day should be about. Just recently I wrote about this topic and since then I can’t really stop thinking about it. Many of my fellow female friends and colleagues agreed, applauded and high-fived me for introducing this topic. But to me, it’s a matter of the heart. In the very moment when the absence of sisterhood was trying to tear me down, I realized this to be the reason why I started the Mentoring Program and the Fearless and Forward Community later. A matter of the heart. 

So today I wish for “Women’s Day” every day. I wish for more of us to realize how powerful we are, with and without men. I wish we could celebrate our differences, our sense of community on every single day of the year. I wish for every woman being able to rise their voice and speak their truth (as many of us still can’t and this needs to change). I wish for equality for compassion and understanding, I wish for the courage to show vulnerability, for the heart to connect with those who are exposed, with those who don’t have an own voice. Today I wish that we lift each other instead of tearing each other down, that we encourage each other to follow our dreams and that we understand: we always have a choice. 

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”
James Keller




Author: Isabel

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