Why STARTING is the most difficult part of EVERYTHING.

I just recently found this quote on Pinterest: The secret of getting ahead is getting STARTED.

To be honest I sometimes sit hours or even days without producing anything because I simply don’t know where to start. I used to feel overwhelmed by all these things I can do, by all these possibilities. Five years ago I fell into panic attacks because I put myself under enormous pressure to EMBRACE every f****** moment of my life and to not miss anything. I felt that our generation is blessed with so many opportunities, we can travel wherever we want, we can start studying at the age of 30, we can start a business or become a yoga teacher in India. I was paralyzed by this pressure and didn’t do anything until I realized I just had to do the first step. In my case, this has been to set up a Facebook page, easy huh? And nowadays I explore this again and again in my everyday life. But today I know what to do about this ;)

When I started my business I wanted everything to be structured and well organized. I wanted to be READY. But the truth is: I will never ever be ready enough to take the next step. I will never ever reach this level of organization and structure I wish for. So it doesn’t make sense to think about this too much. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. And it doesn’t matter AT ALL with what you’re starting if this makes sense right now or not. But do yourself a favor and START with whatever you WANT. START TODAY. NOW. Take the tiniest step you can think of even if it is just writing down what you wish to reach, what it is you are dreaming about. Maybe it’s just looking up what it costs to travel the world, or what system you might use to start that online shop. START TODAY.



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