Ask the right question

(Photo was taken during a Branding Shoot with Beka Bitterli)

Everything that I ask my mentees, everything I say and share is always meant for myself too. With helping others I also help myself. This is my kind of healing. Somehow I am good at helping people to see their own potential, to find their own way of a solution. But I have to admit that I often need those questions too. Very often I speak to myself as well. This is no secret. We are all in this together, everyone is struggling. Maybe with different things. Maybe with the exact same things. Maybe I have already figured it out, maybe not. But we don’t need to have the right answers, we just need to ask the right questions. I believe that everything we need is already within us. We already know the answers, we just need somebody who is brave enough and doesn’t hesitate to ask the right question. If you ever spend some time to explore the treasures within you, you know how hard this can be. And how good it is to not be alone. To have someone you can share the pain with. To have someone who keeps asking the right questions, who encourages you to keep looking if you haven’t found it yet. And even if you think you’ve found it, there will be a hidden door somewhere with a whole new world behind it. So here and now, I encourage you to always ask yourself why to never stop looking. Stay curious and always stay open to the questions that surprise you and to the answers you never thought would come up.



Author: Isabel

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