Mallorca Wedding Inspiration

Last week I just booked another Mallorca Wedding for next year and I am super excited as this is for sure one of my favorite Wedding Destinations EVER. I am still swooning over the Wedding of Olivia + Marco and thought I would share a little Wedding Inspiration with you guys.

If you’re planning your Wedding on Mallorca, ask me for more recommendations regarding locations and vendors. On Pinterest I got a whole board dedicated to a Wedding on Mallorca or in general in the Mediterranean, go check it out HERE!

Mallorca Wedding Inspiration
Mallorca Wedding Inspiration


Planning your Wedding on Mallorca means a little extra organization, but I promise your guests will thank you for inviting them for a mini holiday, don’t we all need a little escape from time to time? On every Destination Wedding, I’ve been so far, I always experienced that the guests (and the couple) are pretty relaxed and they really REALLY enjoyed their time together. And the reason for that is in my opinion; the fact that they are far away from home. No distraction from phone calls, or the need of taking out the trash, no rushing, no stress. You will arrive a day or a couple of days earlier to still have some time to calm down, to explore the surrounding and for some quality pool time ;) I would suggest planning a casual Get Together on the day before your Wedding, so you can properly greet everyone, have some drinks together and get into the Wedding mood with your favorite people. So the morning of your Wedding Day will be relaxed too because you already had the chance to discuss all the details with your planner/photographer/master of ceremony and bridesmaids the day before. And although it doesn’t make sense to start the ceremony before 4 or 5 pm, you can slowly start your day as a bride. There some more reasons why I suggest a late ceremony, continue READING here if you like

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