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I couldn’t ever enjoy winter as much as this year, maybe it’s because of the fact that this isn’t a real winter :D It more feels like Spring, but so are my essentials for this something-in-between-winter-and-spring season :D (Those are NO AFFILIATES, I just like to share my favorite products)

(1) THE BEST IS YET TO COME Bag from It’s time for Plan C – I met Nicole at the Blickfang Event in Zurich in November and totally felt for her vision and idea. Also, I prefer cotton bags over everything else for groceries as we aim for plastic-free shopping. (2) I have to admit, my favorite hat is from H&M – obviously, I couldn’t resist ????????‍♀️????  (3) My all-time favorite face cream from OLIVEDA – probably the best I ever had and until I found a good waste-free solution this is my go-to for a dry and sensitive skin. (4) This cute and fancy little wallet has been a birthday present from one of my dearest friends -obviously, she knows me pretty well ???? It’s from Fossil and on SALE right now. (5) Those TRUE FRUITS juices are not just super yummy, the pretty bottle is perfect to use as a storage jar after enjoying it! Love their philosophy (and branding)! (6) I was super optimistic when we visited Amsterdam in December with hand luggage only – I mean it almost went smooth with just one pair of shoes, but walking 20+ km a day isn’t that cool in Converse, so, unfortunately, this emergency purchase happened ???????? but The Internationalist from NIKE has been on my wishlist for a looong time as well! (7) Oh and this jumper. I actually just wanted to “visit” the new COS store in Zurich and then I found this sweater ???? It’s super cozy and warm and this dark green might be my new favorite color! ????

Obviously, I am not a Fashion Blogger. But I still like to share my favorite items that move into my wardrobe from time to time. Also I am a deep believer in the Capsule Wardrobe and that you don’t always need to buy much, the last couple of weeks I literally lived in this jumper and jeans. So it was totally worth the money. Another favorite I still have is this coat I bought 2 years ago in Berlin – haven’t bought any new winter jacket since then ????????

I believe in having enough and in choosing well instead of MUST HAVES ????????





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