here is to fresh starts and more focus // a bucket list

I said earlier that I don’t have quantitative goals for this year, not this huge number that scares the hell out of me, not another post it that reminds me every day that I actually needed to do more, post more, advert more, reach more people, get more likes. I let go of that number I measured myself with. Instead, I created a bucket list for this year with things I want to do, and I wanted to share this with you to inspire you to take a step back from having more and just BE MORE <3



  • make my own soap
  • sign up for adoption
  • hold a retreat
  • get pro pictures taken
  • shifting to natural cosmetics only (almost done ✅)
  • weekend trip with my parents
  • throw more CONFETTI in general
  • take more time for CREATING
  • say NO to things that don’t make me happy
  • read an inspiring book every month (Suggestions?)
  • be more patient with myself
  • start and end each day with a positive mind


What are your plans for this year?

Author: Isabel

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