The Fearless and Forward Workshop // Lucerne

Boy. When I launched the Fearless and Forward Workshop I clearly had a vision: I dreamed about opening a space for creative people to flourish, so they get an idea what they’re actually capable of doing, I want them to rise and to leave the day inspired. But I never, ever thought it would work out like THIS ???????? 

7 amazing and talented women came to join and to spread their wings to FLY. We laughed and we were silent, we learned and developed new ideas and we ultimately GREW together. I felt so proud and honored to host this Workshop and as we all do all the time, this vision is developing as well. The next dates will be in Spring 2018, so get on the list to not miss the launch.


Workshop & Photography: Isabel Sacher

Hair & Makeup: Corin Simmen

Dress: Daughters of Simone via 2 the Moon and back, Luzern

Flowers: Blütenblatt, Luzern

Location: Neubad

Couple: Meli & Kev

See more of the attendees work: #isabelsacherworkshop






Author: Isabel

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