Two years in business. A resolution.

September has always been a special time for me, for the last years it used to mark new beginnings and fresh starts. Two years ago I went full time with my business, I quit my day job to make space for some new adventures to happen. (And Boy, they did!)

Last year I started my 12 months Mentoring Program and I couldn’t be happier how it filled up with amazing women and inspiring souls, ready to finally chase their dream of an own business. (And they’re all making some serious magic happen! – including over achieving their goals they set but didn’t even believe in 12 months ago) So it’s been (and still is!) a course after my own heart. If you’re interested, there are opening up spaces in October/ November and January. And in case you don’t know if this the right thing for you contact me for any further information: GET IN TOUCH!

So much has happened since the day I quit my day job, so much has changed in a span of only 2 years. Ideas. Plans. Dreams. PEOPLE. They come into our lives to walk a part of the way with us. We laugh. We cry. And we listen to each other in moments when we most need it. And then suddenly things change and we have to let it go again. We have to let THEM go again. This is the way it was always supposed to be. Like waves flooding the beach, some people flood our life with love and compassion and we can bath in a sea full of all those stories we share. For a short time, we’re more than strangers, we find each other just for the sake of finding. And although it hurts to see them leaving, we’re still grateful for the traces they left, for the light they brought and for the time we had together.

So it’s been a good year and I feel grateful for ANYTHING that happened. In a recent video over in my Facebook Group, I talked about what felt like one of my biggest failures and what life lesson I learned from it.




Author: Isabel

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