The bravest thing we’ll ever do

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do. ” Brene Brown

And I believe that this is exactly what makes us actually stronger. Being vulnerable, being loved is not weakness, it’s strength and it’s so damn beautiful. I can’t think of anything that inspires me more than honesty, allowing ourselves to truly be seen. Ok, I confess that this is my biggest struggle and yet the thing I need most, the thing that moves me. I am even terrified of the idea of being seen, of being recognized. So obviously this is the thing I need to do, this is the way I need to follow to fulfill my own purpose. To inspire. To lift others. To encourage people to get started with whatever their heart longs for.

People mostly think I am confident, I am extroverted. But I am totally not. It takes me much to put myself out there, to allow people to connect with me. According to the 16 Personalities Test (which is creepy accurate btw.) I am 85% introverted, believe it or not. It’s very rare that I gain energy from gatherings. And oh Boy, I am everything else than confident, mostly it only looks like I am, obviously 3 years of Acting School helped much ;) But the more I allow myself to be seen, the more I open up, the more I find myself in me.

So, YES! I totally believe that we should be BOLD and follow the path our fears are pointing to.

Love, Isabel ❤️

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